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  Fast Lock is a unique, internationally patented, Vehicle Locking System that provides real peace of mind and additional security for primarily trade’s vehicles. These vehicles in most cases have multiple doors inclusive of canopies on tray backs as used by Carpenters, Builders, Electricians, Handymen, Government departments, and many other work and leisure uses.

The Fast Lock Locking System can be purchased as a complete remote controlled locking system or as a standard lock without a remote function. Fast Lock’s in-cabin display on the dashboard can check the lock status, as well as lock and unlock doors and toolboxes remotely, which in turn will help reduce the risk of accidental damage or theft. The low cost inclusion of the in cabin monitoring and remote system helps ensure that the chances of a door being accidentally left unlocked or open and subjecting the door and contents to accidental damage and or theft is minimised.

The driver can monitor the status of each lock via an LCD screen in the cab of the vehicle, (image) to double check and control lock status - locked or unlocked. The LCD screen scrolls through and identifies which lock is unlocked or locked with a warning buzzer, and locks can be locked or unlocked easily.

The Fast Lock Locking System can lock and monitor up to 42 Locks – and registers and acknowledges the status of every individual lock on the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle’s contents are safe and secure at all times. Fast Lock is perfect for larger vehicles or trucks with multiple locking storage compartments and is easily adapted to either 12V or 24V.

To find out your closest seller of the Fast Lock System contact us to find the international distributor and
discover the local retailer in your area.
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